Over 40 grads attending! Donations & Door Prizes needed!

May is Foster Care Awareness month & we need your help!

Flux is coming and we are planning on having 4 times the grads in attendance this year from all over the state! Although this is a great problem to have, we need your help! We will be raising funds and accepting donations to provide;


food (for 300)


gift bags to each graduate (approx. $100 value)

FLUX efforts can accept your online donation at OK Foster Wishes or mail a check to OKFW attn;FLUX, PO Box 30501, Edmond, OK 73003

We are also requesting donations of new items to give to grads as door prizes such as;

Mountain Bikes


Computers, Laptops, etc

Ipods/MP3 players





If you would like to donate a door prize item, you can drop it at Lewis RV during regular business hours!


With a $5 donation to OK Foster Wishes we would like to give you a OKFW Foster Care Awareness Wristband to wear during the month of May to bring awareness to the foster care crisis we currently face in our state. You can make your donations and receive a wristband at the upcoming Foster Care Awareness Walk, WalkAMileokc or anytime at Lewis RV, located at 1600 E. Reno, OKC (just down the street from Bass Pro Shop).

You can also help by collecting donations and distributing wristbands (quantities of 50 or more please). Email Lisa Feist at okfosterwishes@gmail.com .


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One response to “Over 40 grads attending! Donations & Door Prizes needed!

  1. Caressa baker

    Need any cakes/cupcakes?

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