The Resources

Flux is all about empowering DHS enrolled students to further their education, better their lives, and enrich our communities through positive effective resources. We encourage students “aging out” of the DHS system to become fully aware of all the financial, educational, and spiritual benefits offered to them. Our government, communities, and families can provide unlimited resources and opportunities to these incredible kids.

Here is a list of quick links to supportive web sites that provide more information on important resources for students, parents, mentors, friends, and volunteers! Get excited, get educated, and get involved!

1. Oklahoma Department of Human Services website is a comprehensive informational site. You can navigate through specific programs, and policies that impact the daily lives of Oklahoma citizens.

2. The National Resource Center for Youth Services is another educational and informational website for both teens, and adults who are involved with the transition out of the DHS program.

3. The Foster Club is an organization who’s mission is to provide encouragement, motivation, information, education, and benefits for foster youth. At their web sites, kids are asking questions and getting answers. In researching and developing new products for youth in care, they employ and consult with the “experts”: current and former foster kids. This collaboration brings increased value to their products and ensures youth a voice in the foster care system.

4.  Fyi3 is a partnership web project between and the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative. The website,, provides foster youth between ages 14 and 23 opportunities to become involved, informed and independent in their transitioning journey towards adulthood.

5. Casey Life Skills is an organization that provides free and easy to use tools to help young people prepare for adulthood. The life skills assessments provide instant feedback. Customized learning plans provide a clear outline of next steps, and the accompanying teaching resources are available for free or at a minimal cost.

6. Fostering hope is a blog created by Dr. Deborah Shropshire, the medical director of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. She created this blog to tell the stories of children and young adults “in the system”.


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